Our Team

Alejandro (“Alex”) Dubon
Apprentice Automotive Service Technician
Alex came to the Bow Valley in 2021 after moving to Alberta in the 90s. Alex lives his life on similar tenets to that of Michael – but mixing in hockey, motorsport, and whisky for good measure. Alex is a massive Nicholas Latifi fan, and does not like the cut
Michael Melville
Journeyman Automotive Service Technician
Michael stumbled upon the Bow Valley in 2000 while looking for his keys. He has lived here ever since. Michael is a skilled mechanic with over 35 years experience and lives his life on a few simple tenets: cars, coffee, beer… and sometimes skiing.
Dr Ryan Van Wagner
Shop Manager
Ryan has been in the Bow Valley since 2010 trying his best to “live life like a rudderless ghost ship”. Alex and Michael don’t let Ryan touch cars… so he stays in the office which is probably best for everyone.